Good Morning,

We hope all of you and your families are staying safe as we continue to weather the Covid-19 situation. Just wanted to share some information coming from National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA).

The LTI National Instructional Faculty Request Application is changing. The NIAAA is changing the processing of the leadership training faculty applications submittal. In the past those individuals who had an interest in becoming a part of the national presentation faculty were required to list that as one of your selections on the committee application. Effective immediately those individual state faculty instructors who desire to present need to access a “stand alone” online application for submittal State LTI coordinators will be required to sign off on all submittals. The application is available on the NIAAA website, in the Professional Development heading, under the drop down Leadership Training, or send an email to

At the present time there is a need for National Instructional Faculty (NIF) staff for the following courses: LTC 511, 608, 616, 617, 618, 620, 626, 703, 714, and 799. If you have a State LTI instructor who has an interest in these courses, please go to the NIAAA website and download the application and submit as indicated.

The CAA exam has been revised as a result of the addition of Leadership Training Course 503 to the core course requirements, the CAA Exam has been revised and edited to include the important principles of this course. Beginning March 1, 2020, the new version, edition “E,” will post to the YM platform for perspective CAA designees. As a benefit to perspective designees from their State Coordinator, the question break-out reflects the following:

LTC 501=19 Questions, LTC 502=39 Questions, LTC 503= 18 Questions, LTC 504=9 Questions, LTC 506=9 Questions and General Knowledge questions from the Study Guide, NFHS Handbook and the Professional Development Catalog=6 Questions. As evidenced, there is a heavy shift to Strategies for Organizational Management.

The Certification Committee appreciates all you are doing to promote and encourage your colleagues to seek this very important certification.

If this book is not on your shelf, it is a great read. Simon Sinek’s, Leaders Eat Last, concludes that personnel work harder for leaders who put their people first. Personnel who feel valued will, in turn, value their jobs. Staff turnover is far lower in a workplace where personnel feel no more significant than numbers. True leaders do not expect personnel to work well for them if they do not give them a reason for respect. In the best environments, personnel and leaders collectively work toward the same shared vision. Sinek notes that a leader’s responsibilities far outweigh their privileges. It may be easy to call yourself the leader, but it is far more difficult to lead with integrity and empathy. Empathy, he states, is the most important trait a leader can possess. Although leaders must sometimes make hard decisions, the best leaders understand the effect this will have on the entire group. Being a good leader is not easy, and it is not supposed to be. The most effective workplace encourages leaders to get to know their personnel and form relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Well worth the read or a book study for your team. Great Leadership: Bring people together to grow the opportunities.

Here are the latest developments regarding certifications:

An improved presentation platform (Zoom) was initiated for the delivery of CMAA oral projects in addition to a detailed project rubric. Development of Personal Data Form revisions to produce greater clarity and opportunity. “Tool Box” revisions to aide State Coordinators in their quest to assist members. A more interactive study guide for states to use to aide members in their quest for success on the CAA exam. Lunch and Learn and Talking and Trading sessions at the national conference are growing exponentially! Beginning on January 1, 2020, all new certification designees will be recognized on the NIAAA social media platform.

The Board approved the first level of international certification, RIAA or Registered International Athletic Administrator. The core course requirements will include LTC 901 and LTC 902. Also, at their February meeting the Board approved the second level, CIAA or Certified International Athletic Administrator. The core course requirements and criteria include: LTC 901, LTC 902, LTC 903, LTC 904, LTC 504 and successful completion of a 100 question comprehensive exam.

Thank you again for all that you are continuing to do for your student athletes and coaches during this time. If there is any questions or concerns that we at the Arizona Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (AIAAA) can help with, please let us know.

Stay Safe & Have a great day,

Julie Patton MAT & MEd.